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1960's Mod Pin Brooch
1960's Mod Pin Brooch
1960's Mod Pin Brooch



Original mod vintage 1960s vintage pin.

The phrase "Ring My Chimes" was made popular by Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In Show in 1969. Flip Wilson (dressed as Geraldine) would say "Ring My Chimes" to her boyfriend "Killer".

These are original old stock and never worn. These were worn on the hems of mini skirts. They were called "knee ticklers" because the ball on the end was suppose to tickle your knee. *Rolls eyes *.

Although I am not sure what mini skirt they were talking about, because the mini skirts that we wore were so short the ball would hang no where near your knee! LOL!

There was a show back in the '60's called the Paul Dixon show and he used to pick women out of his audience and pin these on their skirts!

Of course you can wear this anywhere you please.

It measures about 3 1/4" long and 1 1/2" across. These pins do have some minor paint chipping around the edges. The card also has wear. Sold as is.

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